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Skiing and snow sports are highly regarded in La Vall d'Aran. Due to its geographic location which gives way to lower temperatures, facilities such as hotels, rural tourism establishments, gastronomy along with Baqueira Beret ski resort are the main sources of income in the Valle de Aran. Aside from ski tourism, the Valle de Aran is becoming a tourism destination for all seasons thanks to its natural beauty, the outdoor activities and adventure sports have also helped to achieve this interest.

Religious buildings form a monumental artistic ensemble of different styles, mainly Roman, Renaissance and Baroque. A mandatory visit to these churches would include that of Santa María d’Arties, with a basilical floor plan with three naves, transitional bell tower, Gothic altarpiece and Renaissance mural paintings.

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  • Places of interest

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  • There are many restaurants in the area, spread over the surrounding towns and over the entire valley. Most of the restaurants provide very high quality dishes.

    The gastronomic styles and varieties are guaranteed, allowing the diners to enjoy traditional dishes as well as international cuisine or succulent desserts which are typical of this mountainous region. The desserts of the Valle de Aran cannot be missed by those who visit the area. The traditional 'olla aranesa' is undoubtedly one of the best know dishes from this region, but the large variety of meat dishes include some of the valley's most elaborate dishes, such as pates, crepes, mushrooms, wild berries, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries, honey, cheese, caviar, raspberries, trout in fine herbs and a long list of dishes which you should definitely try.

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