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Unbeatable ambience

One of the most innovative chains in Spain.


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Rafaelhoteles is a hotel chain which is committed to Quality as the philosophy and guideline of its management. The General Management defines the guidelines and the company works governed by an internationally renowned Quality system.

Our main Quality-related principle is:

  • Exceeding the expectations of our clients, meeting the commitments acquired with them, by means of continuously improving our products and services and increasing the efficacy of our management system.
  • Promoting the values and principles behind the organisation, improving the personal and professional satisfaction of our company's employees.
  • Establishing and reviewing the quality objectives of our product and our services on all levels.
  • Meeting the applicable requirements, both internal and external.

Focusing on:

  • The implantation of a system which allows us to establish and review the proposed objectives in order to ensure our differentiated image is up-to-date and which are also measurable and coherent with our quality policy and the objective of satisfying our client's needs.
  • Seeking opportunities for continuously improving and increasing our productivity, with the involvement of all personnel working for the company, promoting internal promotion and team work on all levels, as well as the sense of responsibility associated to the quality of our service.
  • Providing our establishments with high levels of functionality and comfort, both for guests on business and for tourists, being very demanding in so far as maintaining our facilities and supplying them with one of the largest private collections of modern art exhibited in a hotel chain.
  • Always being a step ahead of the innovations which can lead us to improving the service we provide to external clients, facilitating the work involving the internal clients.
  • Transmitting to our clients the values and pillars of our organisation as are the enthusiasm, our client orientation, team work, adapting to change and striving for excellence.
  • Training the employees, providing them with the necessary knowledge in order for them to perform their tasks in a efficient and high quality manner and favouring their professional development.
  • Bi-directional and permanent communication within the organisation, both internally and externally, which allows us to be a step ahead of our clients' needs with regards to all the services we provide.


General Manager

Hotel's quality and corporate philosophy